In a Funk

Happy Monday beauties!

I’ve been in a funk for a few weeks. Getting back into the 9 to 5 grind had me doing the same routine everyday and although I’m actually loving work it has been an adjustment. Realized last week how calm I was walking into the office, not stressed and anxious like I had been before. What a difference!
To get out of this funk here are some things I’m doing:
1) Sleeping – Being tired isn’t only unfortunate for you but also if you’re grouchy to people around you.  Lately I’m in bed around 10 and feel fairly well rested by the morning, this does make me feel like a granny though!
2) Drinking Water – In combination with sleeping water keeps you awake and alive. Drinking more water also makes me have to get up from my desk and stretch which helps force you to take some breaks in the day. Water also helps you to snack less and feel more full.
3) Going out with Friends – A guaranteed laugh every time, going out with friends will take you right out of your funk. Socializing during the week is usually a tricky one to plan but it is feasible. Even texting a friend will brighten your day.
4) Planning Fun Events – When we have something to look forward to gives our minds a distraction from ordinary life and provides a sense of thrill. Plan concerts, dinners, trips, or get togethers in advance and write them down. When you need a pick-me-up, check your calendar and you’ll be reminded of exciting times ahead.
Well these are some of the things I’m doing to find more of this work life balance. What are some of your tips?

~ L

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