Gym Classes

When I first started at a commercial gym I was really intimated and stuck with cardio for the first few weeks. Then I gradually forced myself to try one piece of equipment each workout until I knew enough to make a workout plan. Within that time of learning about the weight equipment I incorporated some classes at Goodlife Fitness. After a few tries I found the right one for me – BodyPump.

Learning basics of weightlifting is overwhelming but with classes you lift a lower weight for longer period of time (often at least a whole song). This is a great introductory to weight lifting, or even a way to switch up your workouts if your body is use to lifting heavy for a few reps.

Other classes I’ve tried are: CX works, Body Combat, Yoga, and Abs. Classes range from 30, 45, and 60 minutes. If there isn’t an instructor they also offer virtual class led from a prerecorded class projected the stage.
Next up is to try a spin class. Has anyone gone…?!
Have a wonderful weekend,

~ L

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