3 Travel Essentials

There are three items which have slowly became essentials in my travel bag.

Travel Pillow – Traveling can be exhausting. You’re stuck in a tight position for sometimes hours on end. Getting out the door to your travels are exhausting on it’s own! Sometimes you need to catch up on some rest and a travel pillow makes a huge difference. After researching many products I decided for due to the outstanding amount of reviews I would treat myself to the Caribou Evolution Pillow. It was well worth the money! I love how it compacts into a tight bag and stores easily. Washing is really easy with a removable cover; think of all the germs on public places. Usually I can get some sleep on planes but with this pillow I slept well and didn’t have any type of neck pain.

Scarf & Blanket – Planes, buses, cars, or trains can get very cold! If you’re traveling overnight or wanting to catch a few moments of sleep being comfy is a top priority. You’ll be thankful you brought a large multi piece of material which doubles as a blanket and scarf.

Empty Water Bottle – Staying hydrated on flights is important for your overall health. Flight attendants will hand out glasses of water but if you have a water bottle they’ll usually fill up your water bottle with their bottled water. This can save money on airport purchases as well.


What are your travel essentials?

~ L

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