Sailing The Whitsundays

Welcome back to the second stop on our Australia travel Guide. Last week we kicked off the tour with Cairns and today we’re visiting Airlie Beach.



Sailing the Whitsundays is by far one of my greatest travel experiences to date. I can’t stop talking about it or reminiscing while look at photos. Pictures don’t do justice of how beautiful our world is.


One afternoon we sailed to a beach, which was more like a sand bar in the middle of somewhere and ate nachos freshly made from our crew (two of the sweetest young girls and a hilarious skipper). He even let us sail the boat the last afternoon when winds picked up.


Accessible only by boat or helicopter from Airlie beach, Whitehaven Beach has earned its way onto the Top 10 Beaches in the World list. With practically no shade and clear water you could spot fish swimming at your feet while talking a walk in the water. A few people on my tour spotted string rays and small sharks, best I saw was a sea of crabs running along the sand.


Combination of sun beating down on us, no shade, and deadly wild life we had to rock some pretty cool stinger suits. If you travel with an organized group ensure these will be provided to be protected without worries. Upon returning to our items on the beach we discovered water in our covered bags were boiling hot, Lip balm melted, and electronics sweltering. Can you tell I wish I was there right now?!?!


Special shoutout to our excursion on the Broom Stick. All meals were provided including morning & afternoon tea, as well as a steak dinner on the last night grilled courtesy of our skipper. Alcohol is allowed on the boat and they have an iced cooler to keep it in.

Itching to go on another sailing trip or maybe a cruise will have to do. Who is in?!

~ L


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