Leaving Your Legacy

Happy Mindful Monday! Last week I spent a lot of time playing Podcasts from Lewis Howes & Amanada Bucci to get inspired. Podcasts may become my new favourite method to gain inspiration; as they’re often around an hour you can download them for on the go or listen to in the background while you’re multitasking.

There was a general theme of discussing what legacy you’re going to leave. When our time is coming to end we will not be defined by the amount of money we have in our bank accounts, how many likes our content received on social media, or who was in our ‘squad’, rather we’ll be remembered by the amount of lives we made an impact on. Although most of those achievements were measured with numbers, touching people’s lives are immeasurable.
Image right now someone who has changed you, whether for better or worse, this people reached you in a way you can’t place a number on. Thinking now I walk down memory lane recalling encounters of events with people who changed the way I act, work, and life my life. There is a smile on my face because those people made me who I am and I’m happy to say today I love the person I became.
If you also have a smile on your face, picture yourself making as grand of an impact for someone else. You can do it and start today. All you need is faith in yourself and you’ll do great things in this world. Leave a legacy because very few will see your bank account.
~ L

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