All You Can Eat Sushi


Happy Friday! Over the last few months sushi has become my favourite food. Oh how much I love it, last night I went for all you can eat and I’m still stuffed. With a ton of different options it is easy to become carried away. With all you can eat, isn’t the main agenda to walk out of there with a full belly and ready for a nap? At least when I eat a lot I become very tired!
As I’m allergic to avocado, I haven’t ever had the pleasure of tasting sushi with it but I’m sure it’s even better, haha.
With these helpful points you can enjoy sushi while staying relatively healthy:
1) Avoid fried – Fried food is fairly frequent in sushi dishes. One of my favourite rolls, spicy salmon contains fried pieces, when it’s on a roll it’s slightly better than tempura pieces.
2) Ask for sauces on the side – Some dishes have extra sauces on them, don’t be afraid to ask for them on the side. Use chop sticks to take smaller amounts and place it on your food rather than dipping.
3) Drink Green Tea – Drinking tea while you’re eating will help you eat less but also contribute to easing digestion.
4) When in doubt select Sushi or Sashimi – Fish alone or on rice is a healthy balance of nutrients. If you’re watching your intake stick with healthy fish, such as tuna and salmon.
What are your favourite sushi dishes or rolls?

~ L

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  1. beautyboozeandbudgeting says:

    Ooh, crab with cream cheese, avacado, and cucumber! ❤ I didn't find my love for sushi until last summer, so I'm still trying to move from the basics!


    1. Sounds delicious! You’re not alone, I only started to eat sushi a few years ago, and now I’m hooked! Lol

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