Night at the Museum

Hi everyone, as a child did you ever love going to the museum and seeing dinosaurs or animals? Well the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is making it even more cool for Adults to spent their Friday nights in a sophisticated setting as the museum comes alive. Every Friday for a few months straight Friday Night Live picks a theme and decks out the whole place with lights, food vendors, drinks, photo booths, and even a dance floor.


I’ve attended three of their nights and each one has impressed. Exploring without running into little ones or worrying about food – this is the perfect event for friends or date night! There is honestly something for everyone, even if you’re not into history. Believe me, it was one of my worst courses in school!


These events tend to end at 10 then many people hit up Toronto’s nightlife to keep the dance moves going. If you’re in the city of visiting, this should be on your list!



Heard of Art galleries also opting similar events on Thursdays but have yet to check it out.

~ L



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