Australia: Cairns Travel Guide

Hello fellow travel buddies. Over the next few weeks I’m going to take you along the Eastern Coast of Australia and share some places I’d visited. There will be a Youtube video up soon about my travel so be sure to subscribe here on the blog or to my Channel.

First up is Cairns, Australia located in North Queensland and known for an excellent spot to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Google estimates a population of a little over 140,000 people, this city should definitely be on your Australian agenda.We spent two days here and personally thought it was the right amount of time.

Due to Australian being the home of 10 of the worlds deadliest animals, swimming or exploring these beaches could literally have you killed thanks to the crocodiles. Safe places  we were allowed to swim included our hotel pool and local man made lagoon.

Some of my favourite places things I did or others on my tour recommended are:

Esplanade Boardwalk: Stroll along the water, take in the sights, or sit on a bench, a lovely place to explore.


Cairns Esplanade: Temperatures reaching 40 degrees required a quick dip in the water to cool off. The lagoon was well needed and a nice hang out spot with the group.




Botanic Gardens: A beautiful display of tropical plants and greenery to explore. Unfortunately didn’t make it here as it is quite a distance from the local area an would require a cab.


Great Barrier Reef: An absolute must when visiting Australia is to see their famous Great Barrier Reef. Full of the worlds most beautiful fish and underwater life, it’s a once in a lifetime chance. We went on board a boat which took us to “Marine World” for a day of suba diving, snorkelling, on a glass bottom boat, under water submarine, and a helicopter ride. Only the suba diving & helicopter ride were not included in the price. Morning and afternoon tea were served along with lunch. Miss always having morning and afternoon tea!



Night Market: This was the spot for cheap food and souvenirs. Stock up here if you need gifts, remember you can negotiate prices.


Art Gallery: A friend and I stumbled here on a walk back and were happy we did as they had air conditioning! All art was for sale No matter where you go art is always special.





Hope to be back in Australia in the next few years! Hope you enjoyed this quick guide.

What are your favourite activities to do when traveling?

~ L



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