Gift Your Time

Happy Monday! On weekends it feels as if time speeds us and before you know it it’s Sunday night. If only weekends were one day longer…as this hasn’t happened time management is the key to balancing all of lives demands. One things for sure, if you include time to give back to other, one day someone will be there to help you out when you need it most.

Growing up I was a Girl Guide and along with camping in the woods we also volunteered extensively in the community. I’m thankful to have these values installed in me. Currently I volunteer for a youth organization on their Marketing side, then I transitioned to leading their Fundraising & Grants team. Last week I started volunteering with a second organization with an initiative to help homeless people by providing a warm place to stay on Fridays, a hot meal, fresh clothing, and a movie/games night to interact. Shifts are only a few hours but my goodness was this an eye opener.

If you can afford to donate money, many initiatives will be thankful for the contribution.  Getting your hands dirty so to speak takes it to the next level. We all know how valuable TIME is but imagine if you spent the same amount of time it takes to watch a show and used that time to help improve someone else’s life. Yes, volunteering can be this rewarding if you find an opportunity which works for you.
Making weekly commitment is extremely difficult to do. Mine are flexible to my schedule and I can help where needed. With this said I truly admire people who devote vast amounts of time daily or weekly all year round.
We need to appreciate everyday as a new blessing. Anyone of us could easily wake up to find our worlds are flipped upside down. By improving our communities today we’re contributing to the hope the same support will be there when our time comes to lean on others.
~ L

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