Two by Two

After hearing about ‘Two by Two’ by Nicolas Sparks on many top rated & must read lists, I knew it was time to dip into a romantic read more than self improvement. Must say it was well worth veering off the usual course, this book was one I truly didn’t want to drop until I’d finished.

Focusing on a family whose world becomes flipped upside down due to family decisions they must live with their decisions and learn what the new normal is. All while pushing their family and relationship to the limits. Ex’s may or may not be tied into the story…we’ve both going to have to see how Mr. Sparks wrote the rest of this book.
I’m almost halfway and I think I can predict the ending…don’t worry I’m not going to share for those of you who have already picked it up.
Finding a book captivating my attention has helped to get myself back on track reading 20 minutes a day as set out in my New Years Resolutions.
Does anyone have any recommendations for future reads?
~ L

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