The Lunch Hour

Once again we’ve made it halfway into the week! Two sleeps until FRI-YAY haha. Lunch break is a highly anticipated time in the day to step away from the desk. What can you do though to maximize time, here are some thoughts:

  • Run errands to have more time curling up in your pjs at home lol
  • Take a walk
  • Sit in the lunch room and get to know your coworkers / network
  • Read a book
  • Visit a local park, cafe, or library
  • Bring my laptop every day to work on the blog, volunteer, networking, and whatever other work I have to get done
  • Meet up with a friend
  • Go for a drive, if this relaxes you
Staying cautious of Budgets try to keep away from local malls or anywhere you could easily spend large amounts of pay to fill the time.
What do you do at lunch?
~ L

2 Comments Add yours

  1. It really depends on who is in the break room when I go on lunch! If it is an hour-lunch (Tues-Thurs @ my work), then I usually intend to either write in my notebook or watch Netflix while I eat. BUT if someone is also on lunch, I usually feel it is rude to do either one of those things, as my coworkers don’t tend to bring extra-curricular items to lunch with them.


    1. Great ideas as well to catch up on Netflixs or Journal. Excellent point as well, it depends who else is in the lunch room.

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