Travelling Solo

Hi friends! Today’s post is inspired by a friend who booked a last minute Contiki and asked me about flying alone. Many people travel alone whether to visit someone they know, go for business, or simply to explore a new place; regardless of the reason here of some of my tips to keep you safe and having fun on your adventure:


  • Keep all valuables on you and out of sight. This means passports, ID, and cash. This can sound a little intense to some but I like to break up money so I’m not carrying it all in one spot. Depending where I am sometimes some will be in my shoe, sock, bra, or within different pockets of my bag.
  • Explore in populated areas and avoid being alone at night. If your accommodation has 24 front desk/security let them know when and where you’re leaving to. In case there is an issue you’ll know there is someone aware of your whereabouts. Highly encourage checking what security is available at your accommodation prior to booking.


  • Leave itinerary at home with friends, family, or relatives. Even with flexible agendas in case of emergencies you’ll have a better trip knowing everyone back home knows you’re safe.
  • Make copies of all your documents and leave them at home or a password protected Dropbox. No one wants to experience an unfortunate event but the better prepared you are the less of a upset it’ll make on your plans.
  • Avoid checking maps in the middle of the street or busy area. Drawing attention to yourself isn’t the wisest idea. If you do need to ask directions, slip in at the end you’re meeting a friend.
  • Wear minimal jewelry and accessories. This one is one of the toughest for me as I’m usually wearing earrings and bracelets 97% of the time. I tend to bring pieces with low sentimental importance and not too flashy to draw attention.


  • Bring a book, phone, or other reading material if you’re going out to eat alone. One of the most powerful qualities is enjoying your own company. It’s okay not to want to surround yourself with people all the time. Even while travelling and exploring you’ll need a quieter night.
  • Mix early mornings and late nights. Switching up your schedule means you’ll maximize your time and have a chance to experience local life at all hours.


  • Pack a safety device; a whistle is great.  It is small and will attract attention.
  • Keep addresses of all the places you’re staying with you.
  • Take a picture of the cabs license plate prior to getting in one.
  • Leave do not disturb on your door to avoid people coming in. If ordering room service leave on the shower or the light in the washroom on to give the impression someone else is there.
  • Always takes bags with you (containing valuables) if you leave your seat on a plane, train, or bus.
  • If you’re unsure a route in a cab or bus with few passengers and you have data, track the route on Google maps. Also helps to leave locations services on, although this eats up data very quickly.


  • Contain documents in plastic bags (Ziplocs) incase something leaks or you’re caught in the rain.
  • Register with your countries embassy prior to departure. This is something I do regardless if I’m alone or with a group. In case of a horrific event in your destination your country will be aware you’re there and help to get you back home. Also if you’re robbed and ID is stolen they will help you get new copies.
  • Transportation budget include cab costs. If you’re uncomfortable at any point you’ll have the means to get back safely.
  • When using headphones only keep one in your ear, then you can stay alert to what is happening around you.
  • Taking photos captures memories and is a nice way to reflect. When your alone and not always wanting a selfie it’s okay to ask people around you to take a photo. Then ask if you can take one for them. In most tourist areas others will happily take your photo. When I saw someone trying to take one I’d offer to take one of them first and then switch.

You may even make some memorable friends along the way!


Wish you all wonderful travels. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer!

~ L

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