It’s been how long…coming clean

Happy Friday beautiful ladies and handsome men, we’ve concurred yet another week. At points it dragged but was still productive. Hope you had a great week. Today I wanted to take a spin on Fit Fridays to just talk.

There is a part of blogging where you want to bring valuable information to others and with this you also need to be transparent in what you write. Well the truth is I haven’t been to the gym in over two weeks. Now for some people they can survive with working out every so often but growing up dancing, spending up to 30 hours a week in studios, I use working out as my outlet. A guaranteed way to boost my happiness and zone out the world. When I went to yoga last week this new instructor was making sassy remarks back to her students. Considering how tough of a day it was I praised myself for just getting there; I seriously contemplated if I could sleep on the mat all of practice…no surprise here when I drifted off into a light sleep during stretching at the end in the positions. Haha

This class turned what would have been a pleasant experience into one which stopped me from going this week. If we’re going to work out with other people around, regardless if you know then, you need to accept everyone is trying in their own way. Rather than make comments or judge someone take a look at yourself in the mirror, we’re all on a different point in our journey. Very few people in this world can do absolutely everything and strive in every aspect of their lives.

You could be working out beside a business legend that dropped health on their priority list. Even though you can run further than them this doesn’t make you any better. Together we need to build each other up – recognize our strengths and accept our flaws.

Now it’s time to step back into the gym and yoga studio with a clear uplifting mindset. Sorry for this off topic rant but I truly believe we need to support everyone, not just ones with model physiques.

Have a wonderful weekend,

~ L


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