Building a Professional Wardrobe

Personally looking at having to work for another 40 years before retiring. I’ve faced the fact I’ll want to live a glamorous lifestyle in my old age haha. With this long work life ahead of me I’ve made an effort to begin developing a professional wardrobe, which easily mixes, and matches for many possibilities.


Shopping outlet stores will your best bet, especially for quality pieces. Building a base with neutrals means you don’t have to worry about what was in style last year vs this year which is why outlets are amazing. As I’m only 4”11” (shh! I usually tell guys 5’ as they’re meeting me with heels on) shopping for petite clothes can be tricky. I’ve recently had great luck with J.Crew and highly recommend checking them out, especially for their sales.

Thanks to Lifehacker for pictures, here are some staple pieces to start your wardrobe:


  • Blazer, Pants, and Skirt set (these can be all black from different places with similar cuts and material)
  • White Blouse
  • Neutral Knee Length Dress: tie up different belts to change the look or add statement jewelry
  • Cardigan
  • Black or light coloured tank top
  • Bold colour shirt
  • Variety of scarves, belts, and jewelry
  • The little black dress


Key is to have pieces you feel confident in and will rock! If anything makes you feel less than amazing, it’s a go!

What are some of your favourite pieces?

~ L


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