Prepping for Mondays

Hi all, hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was a lovely social weekend over here, but now back to the grind. Oh how Mondays can be a damper for so many. Rolling out of bed can be made easier with a few of these helpful tricks to be completed on Sundays:

Layout your clothes for the week: This includes work, fitness, or any events. Saving time in the morning is crucial to ensuring if you stay in bed a few extra minutes you can still be on time.


Pack bags for the week: From purses, lunch bags, gym bags, or any other thing else you’ll need for the week – pack them now so you won’t forget them as you’re rushing out the door.

Pack Lunches for Monday to Wednesday: On Wednesdays pack lunches for Thursday & Friday. In a mission to stay healthy and save money, packing lunches for multiple nights saves time during the week, as long as you’re willing to eat the same dish for multiple days. Veggies are really easy to chop and store in tiny containers to grab for snacks. Find taking a less with smaller snacks has me less tempted to buy food or take for the office snack table.


Schedule your week: Currently using the Passion Planner and it has completely changed the way I manage my time with roadmaps, game changers, and reflection each month, it is worth the investment. Write down any set appointments, tasks, deadlines, or priorities for the week. Afterwards fill in the time with everything else. Each week there are also helpful hints and quotes from scheduling meals to challenging yourself to arrive 15 minutes early for every appointment.

Set a few alarms: Make sure multiple alarms are set, being late is stressful! Play music in the morning to get you up and going, ready to tackle the day.

Spent 20 minutes cleaning/tidying up: Waking up in a clean room is so relaxing! At some point on Sunday spent just 20 minutes tidying up to where you feel satisfied with the cleanliness of the space.


Fresh bedding: Slipping into clean sheets after you shower is one of the best feelings. It’s worth staying up a few minutes later to make the bed!

Fold your laundry: Well I can say I’ve left laundry on my bed but not lately! Realistically time is at a premium and only gets busier as the week progresses. Try not to procrastinate on laundry if you know it’s going to bother you not having it folded and away.

Schedule one fun event to look forward to: Most importantly is finding a work life balance. At times I live for the weekends and scheduling time with my friends is really important to me. Even just getting out of the house for groceries or grabbing a latte has you moving and changing up the pace.

Early bed on Sunday: Starting your week off on a tired note is no fun. Catching up midweek on sleep doesn’t happen for a lot us. Be sure to go to bed early and curl up drinking tea wit a book or however you relax!

This may seem intimidating and an awful lot to get done but I assure you when you prepare yourself then it alleviates a lot of stress. If you have an unexpected late night during the week, no worries, your clothes and food are prepped for the next day; all you need to do is shower and get to bed!

Have a great day,



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