Social Life on a Budget

Hi everyone! As a city lady I love going out to explore our concrete jungle and find hot new places. However expenses can add up very quickly! There seems to be a trend here as I learn about Cracking Adulthood…everything costs way more than you may expect. Here are some ways to keep up with your social life while trying to trims costs:


Go out earlier in the day: Typically eating out earlier in the day will cost less than going for dinner. Brunch is a wonderful substitute and who doesn’t love food!

Save on drinks: Any drink other than water adds to your tab. If you wanted to have a fancier drink ask for a slice of lemon or lime to jazz it up without extra cost.


Split cabs/walk/or take public transit: if you’re in groups this is a great option but always be safe when traveling alone and be aware of your surroundings.

Explore a market or area: Even when its cold, plenty of pop up shops or markets have heaters. You can walk around without paying.




Get your Skate on: With options to rent skates for a few dollars, it’s an inexpensive activity and gets you moving! Don’t worry about falling, I’ve done my fair share…a few years ago I was learning to skate with a group of friends. Excited by my ability to skate on my own, I forgot how to stop and went straight into the girls taking them down on the hard ice. Of course this had to occur in the heart of downtown at a very busy rink for all to witness. Now I laugh at myself and still don’t know how to stop!

Have a Potluck: Everyone can bring their favourite dishes and you’ll get to try new foods.


Check out Groupon: From chocolate making class, Paint Nights, and Nails deals, I’ve had only great experiences. Always check the fine print as taxes and tip are extra costs to be paid at time of use.

Try a Fitness class: Exercising is always easier and more fun with a friend. Ever tried Ariel Yoga?

What are some of your favourite activities to do with your friends?

~ L


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