Montreal Travel Guide

Over a long weekend last year two of my friends and I planned a quick getaway to Montreal. Known for being the second largest French-speaking city in the world, next to Paris, Montreal has something for everyone. As Montreal is part of Canada, a lot of people are bilingual speaking English and French languages.


Before leaving we made a list of everything we wanted to do and see, unfortunately this was accidently left at home while I was rushing out the door to the airport aftr work. Here are some ideas to fill your travel agenda for Must See / Eat / Experience:

Basilique Notre-Dame: A stunning Catholic church built between 1824 and 1829.


Parc du Mont-Royal: Walk up the mountain and be rewarded with views of the whole city landscape.



Biodome: Explore four different ecosystems.


Parc Olympique: Built for the 1976 Olympic games it didn’t get finished until the 1980’s.


Eat a Smoke Meat Sandwich: We checked this off a Reubens.

Montreal Bagel: There are famous for their bagels!


Famous Poutine: This one we checked off at 4 am when we had one delivered to our room, thanks Fairmont. They had a sale before closing for renovations.

Explore St-Paul Street: Restaurants, shops, and some night life are all here


We had a wonderful time and will be back – especially for the food!

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Where are some of your favourite cities to travel to?

~ L


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