Schitt$ Creek – TV Binge

Once in a while I like to watch TV. If you have any recommendations please share! Recently I discovered: Schitt$ Creek after my family started to watch it and I could hear them laughing throughout the house.
Story line is based on a wealthy family who had a business deal fall through leading to all their assets becoming frozen with no choice but fleeing to a small rundown town the dad purchased a while back.


Following their journey as they try to live out of a run down motel with minimum life skills and clinging on to the hope of returning to their privileged life.


Schitt$ Creek is a light comedy filmed in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Full of great one-liners and sure to make you laugh it’s a must see. Previous seasons are on Netflixs and new season is airing on TV if you’re in Canada. If you’re in the States it’s airing now!

Time to go catch up on an episode or two!

~ L


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