Living at Home


Increasing amounts of 20 something year olds are living back at home or staying home after completing their schooling. This is an adjustment for everyone in your house. I’ve always lived at home and although there are times I wished I was moved out on my own, I also have staying at home to thank for allowing me to have many luxuries I wouldn’t be able to have or experience with high housing prices. With quite a few years of living under the same roof as my family members, here are a few tips to maintain peace while living with your family:

Rules are to be respected, even if you don’t agree: Most importantly, whoever paid for the house and sets a list of rules is to be respected. I completely understand how tough it can be to follow but remember you are living in their home. Of course there also has to be compromise on both sides. If you strongly disagree with them, please handle the situation in a mature manner having a calm face-to-face conversation.

Make a list of expectation: We’re adults now and its time to handle conflict properly. Sit down together and discuss what is expected from both sides. This includes paying rent, bills, or contributing to expenses, as well as household tasks.

Fill up the tank with gas: If you don’t have your own car and rely on one at home fill the tank up before returning it home. It’s the little things in life which make a difference. Think how annoying it can be when you need to leave quickly but you’re car has to be filled up first.

Manage your belongings: A lot of us collect items over the years for memories or to use in the future. If they take up a vast amount of space, think about how you can pair down. Respect multiple people have to live there and everyone needs to have room to live comfortably.

Pitch in and do common chores: This is a funny one for me because between my mom and two sisters we are constantly going back and forth about who did what. It’s hard to manage chores. On one side we don’t want a chore list and get a sticker every time we complete one like kids; however, on the other side we want to pick it seems us girls like to pick a task and do it when ever we have time. We’re still in the process of determining how to make this work.

Dating: Another hilarious one! Dating life is really tricky when living at home. Everyone knows you’re dating and there is no shame in keeping them in the loop. Especially if you have funny dating stories, it’s actually something we bond over and gives us a good laugh. With very little privacy at home you’ll have to find fun dates in public, this is a great opportunity to be a tourist in your own city and explore! If you are going to have someone over be respectful and let your family know ahead of time. With clear communication it’ll keep everyone happy.

Does anyone else live at home? Hopefully within a few years I’ll be able to move out but for now I’m taking advantage of traveling and writing about it for Tuesdays on this blog!

Thanks for checking out Cracking Adulthood and we’ll see you back tomorrow,

~ L


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