Surviving Layovers

Hi everyone! You’ve reached an airport and now have a hours until your next flight…here are some ways to survive your break!

  • Explore the local area: Check first to see if you’re able to leave the airport without any fees or restrictions. Some cities offer tours available for purchase from the airport on your day of arrival.
  • Get fresh air if possible: Air planes circulate the same air. If you can, getting some fresh air is ideal.
  • Relax: See if there are any spas, shoe shiners, or anything to treat yourself.


  • Discounted airport hotel: If it’s longer than 12 hours of a layover try to leave the airport and get some proper sleep. Also don’t under estimate the power of a warm shower.
  • Freshen up: For short term breaks it’s nice to change your outfit and freshen up, even in tiny bathrooms! The next person to sit beside you will also be grateful!
  • Charge your electronics: Having fully charged devices will be a saving when you’ve exhausted all in flight entertainment options. By the end of my second flight I was tired of movies and thankful to have my own devices. **Portable charging cubes are an awesome investment! If you travel frequently or use a lot of devices, purchases a multi port unit.
  • Walk around: Stretch your legs and keep moving – muscles will be tight from changing altitudes and will make it easier for you to stay sitting during your next flight.
  • Meet new people: When in doubt talk to the person sitting beside you in the airport, everyone has a story to share!

What are your tips for surviving long layovers?

~ L


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