My 5 Daily Rituals

Happy Monday Beauties! How was your weekend? This weekend I ate out at restaurants a lot, my Instagram had a few too many food pictures! When I’m out I try to make healthier choices by avoiding fried foods (other than sweet potato fries) and eating lean proteins. Not only does a cleaner diet make me feel better, I’m actually a happier person! Other than trying to properly fuel my body here are 5 things I’ve found to help me keep myself balanced and happy every day.

  • Start the day stretching in bed – Simple movements to stretch out and wake up your body. After years of dancing my body cracks constantly and getting a good stretch in the morning helps me kick off the day.
  • Write a to do list – Checking off everything you’ve accomplished during the day will make you feel productive and encourage you to keep going.


  • Wake up around the same time – By aligning my weekday and weekend schedules to wake up at a similar time I find I spend less time lying in bed and more time being productive. Especially in the mornings scheduling the day with Passion Planner. Early bird gets the worm! Often on weekends I do sleep in more than weekdays by try to keep both Saturday and Sunday similar.
  • Reflect on your highs and lows at the end of the day – Believe it or not something good happens everyday to each one of us. We all have tough days but we woke up with the opportunity to live another day and that alone is a reason to be thankful. Thinking of your issues and problems in perspective to other issues of people around the world will give you a reason to smile.


  • Be present in the moment – By far this is the toughest one for me! I am constantly thinking and brainstorming, especially since starting this blog. Writing down my ideas on my phone helps me ensure I don’t forget my train of thought and then focus my mind to be in the moment. Maybe this is why my phone is constantly out of memory!

I’d love to hear what some of your daily practices are in the comments below or send me an email at:

See you tomorrow,



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