The Power of To-Do Lists

Happy Monday Beauties!

Life can become overwhelming and exhausting just thinking about everything that needs to get done. Introducing To Do lists into your daily routine will help take control over all tasks and leave you feeling accomplished by bedtime.


Starting with a Brain Dump write down everything that needs to get done. Disregard any order; the point here is to place thoughts on paper.

After listing everything, begin scanning your list for any tasks with deadlines. Write down these deadlines and prioritize based on urgency.

Next slot in the rest of your tasks around previously listed ones with deadlines. Identify two items you have to do today; two tasks which would be nice to get done, and the rest can fit in when there is time. If there is something you could live without ever doing, avoid placing this as a top priority task.

As you complete a task check it off. I’ve also written down something not originally on the list just to cross it off, making me feel more accomplished!


At the end of the day review your To Do list and evaluate how well you followed your plan. Allow flexibility as life happens, tasks can take longer than expected, and priorities change. Celebrate what you did accomplish and remember tomorrow is a fresh start.

Have a wonderful day!

~ L


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