Spotlight – Oh She Glows Every Day

We’re a month into the year and checking in to see how those New Years resolutions are coming along? Don’t worry, only 8% of people stick with them – keep trying! If you wanted to become healthier then today and tomorrows post are for you!

Let me start off with saying I’m not vegan and quite enjoy a delicious steak. But I am trying to incorporate healthier dishes in my meal plans to change things up and eat more consciously. I truly LOVE sweet potatoes fries and chocolate but it’s all about finding a balance right for your life.


After hearing only great reviews of Oh She Glows Every Day, especially from one of my friends, I knew this was a recipe book I should try. Waiting for a great sale I purchased a copy in November and couldn’t stop starring at all the mouth-watering pictures.

Written by Angela Liddon, Oh She Glows Every Day is a second version from the original, Oh She Glows. Her story is captivating and well worth a glance here. Both recipes books are plant based with easy to follow directions.

I have to praise this book for using ingredients which are easy to source and fairly inexpensive. Whole Foods is great to shop at but not on my budget! Recipes in this book cover snacks, meals, dessert, and a whole lot more. With an understanding of how busy everyones lives can be it was refreshing to include make ahead freezer dishes perfect for those nights you just don’t want to cook.


My favourite snack is the Banana Muffin Tops – perfect to eat on their own or as a topping on plain Greek yogurt. Hear my stomach grumbling now…that’s my cue to grab a snack and see you all tomorrow.

I’d love to hear what some of your favourite recipes or cookbooks are? Always in search for delicious food!

~ L


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