Is an All–Inclusive Resort for you?

Hi Everyone! Over the last few years in February I’ve taken a girls trip to escape the cold weather in search of some much needed Vitamin D. We’ve visited Cuba & the Dominican Republic staying at All-Inclusive beachfront resorts. Fast forward a few years and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel in a few different styles. With plenty of travel styles available these days how do you know if an All-Inclusive will work for you? Well let me help give you some background information to make your decision.


One of my go to websites is Expedia – offering travel packages for flights, hotels, and resort amenities. Before booking any hotel check Trip Advisor for reviews and ratings.

Let’s dive straight into the good and potentially bad aspects of All-Inclusives.



Everything is arranged for you: one stop shopping

  • Transportation is included to and from airport
  • Food and drinks are included

Resorts offer plenty of activities to keep you occupied

  • From Zumba on the beach to Night time performances after dinner

Completely go at your own pace

  • Hang out at the pool or chill on the beach
  • Walk along the shoreline
  • Do whatever you want whenever you want

Exploring beautiful beaches

  • Sand, water, all you can eat and drink menus, great combination


  • As prices are all together there aren’t hidden fees or costs along the way
  • Be sure to check exactly what is included
  • Sometimes wifi is limited or could be upgraded for additional fees

Overall convenience

  • Meet people and make new friends
  • With my friends we usually get into a routine spending mornings and early afternoons on the beach before going to the pool to cool off


See, there are a lot of reasons why All-inclusive resorts are great for families, large groups, or completely relaxing trips.



Not an in-depth trip to explore culture

  • Unless you plan to visit towns for extra fees you will not be exploring the local environment

If you don’t like it you’re limited 

  • For the most part you’re restricted to the resort you picked for the duration of your stay

Some food and water should not be consumed

  • Depending on where you’re visiting some areas only bottled water may be consumed


Excursions not included

  • Some activities are additional fees

Local businesses

  • Depending your area be mindful some locals will come around the beach to try to sell you product, hold animals, or take pictures, they will expect to be paid

Probably far from the airport

  • Resorts vary in distance rom the airport, some are an hour plus away

Ensure you’re not in a hurricane path

  • Before booking check any weather warnings when you expect to go to ensure you’re now visiting in Hurricane season

There are not too many points against All-Inclusive resorts. For the price it is a great deal but depends on travel preferences and styles of the people you will be going with.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on them and if you have any you’d travel back to?

See you tomorrow,

~ L


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