Rocking the Weight Room

Happy Friday! Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? I have three nights of birthday celebrations ahead and family time. We try to keep Sundays as family day and spend evenings unwinding in anticipation of a busy week ahead.

For todays Fit Friday we’re talking about building your confidence in the weight room. A weight room is one area in the gym where I feel most intimidated, even after belonging to a gym for a few years.


Here are some ways I’ve learned to tackle my fear and become stronger:

Start will low weights – Focus with form then gradually increase weight as you master exercises.

Wear a hat – Blocking out the environment around you by wearing a hat will help to stay focused and not be distracted by people around you.

Utilize nooks, hallways, and side spaces – There is a tiny hallway beside the weight area of my gym where I like to bring a set of dumbbells to as usually its fairly empty. Also makes a perfect space for lunges and stretching.

Listen to music – Make a playlist and blast your favourite song to get pumped for your workout.

Wipes down equipment – Common courtesy is to wipe down equipment with antibacterial spray (majority of corporate gyms will have multiple stations to grab cleaning supplies from).


Ask someone around – Many people will kindly help you out if you’re unsure how to use a machine or perform an exercise. Best to wait until someone has finished his or her reps before inquiring.

Wear clothes you’re comfortable in – Be comfortable with what you’re wearing. We all won’t look like an Instagram model but wearing clothes you feel great in helps boost your confidence.

Everyone starts somewhere – Majority of the person around you exercising did not start lifting weights as heavy as they are today. Key is to get started and stick with it, one day you can be right up with them.

Check out Body – One of my favourite resources is They have new exercises, recipes, and free programs

Pay attention to you – Once you start building up to higher weights it’s critical to pay attention to your movements, otherwise there is a higher risk of injury.

Take breaks in-between reps – As much as our bodies are machines they also need rest. Take a breather in between exercises and training sessions. Recovery helps muscles become stronger and repair.


Listen to your body – If something hurts, drop to a lighter weight or stop all together. Experiencing soreness versus strain are different feelings; only you can recognize this for your body.

Utilize machines – Machines are great for isolating muscles if you’re trying to build a specific part of your physique. In addition they are useful for starting strength training. Incorporating free weights and machines changes up your program to shock muscles in a healthy way.

Track your progress – Results determine our actions. Recording the amount of weight you’ve lifted, exercises completed, and changes you have noticed will help motivate you to keep going! Setting goals makes you stronger.

What are your tips for starting out in the gym?

Have a great weekend!

~ L


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