Spotlight: Toastmasters International


Hi everyone! Today we’re taking a different perspective for Spotlight Thursdays and featuring an organization. Do you ever get nervous speaking in front of groups during meetings or presentations? I first discovered Toastmasters upon graduating University from a family friend who has developed excellent presentation skills from being a member. Toastmasters can help you as it is based on a standard program you follow all on your own pace.


On their website, you can search for a chapter near you. Some are specifically for advanced speakers but majority of locations accept everyone. You can be a guest to as many different locations as you would like. While you’re a guest there is no expectation to speak/become involved except for introducing yourself at the beginning and providing feedback at the end of the meeting.

Toastmasters follows a standard program worldwide – starting from level one and working your way up. Each level requires a few speeches to be presented ranging in length, topic depth, and structure. These are prepared prior to your meeting and you choose which week to present at, flexible to suit each person.


Once you have decided on a location you can sign up and join. Only members are able to follow programs, as a fee is required. This fee varies based on which chapter you join.

For professional development Toastmasters is an excellent way to improve your speaking, network with others, and have fun!

Thanks for reading,

~ L


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