Packing Tips

Notorious for packing heavy, usually only a pound under weight, I’ve learned a thing or two on how to drop weight and stay organized while living out of a suitcase.

  • Packing cubes
    • Helps to keep everything organized, especially when tossing around items
    • My favourites
  • Travel Size containers
    • Cuts down on space and weight
  • Luggage Scale
    • Check before leaving as airlines have strict policies and overweight fees are astronomical
  • Take pictures of outfits
    • When laying out my clothes sometimes I’ll take pictures as a reminder of which items I’ve packed
  • Maximize mixing and matching clothes as much as possible
    • Versatility is important
  • Include an outfit in your carry on
    • Airlines can lose bags and it would be awful to arrive without a clean pair of clothes to change into
    • If planning on swimming at your detonation also pack a bathing suit
    • This is handy if arriving before you’re able to check-in to your room and want to take a dip in the pool
  • Roll your clothes
    • Save space by rolling your clothes
  • Before packing up at a destination empty any small containers
    • If there is a tiny bit of product remaining in your containers and you fear being overweight empty them while packing up to go home, every effort to cut down helps


  • Stuff your shoes
    • Excellent spot to store socks
  • Liquids / Aerosols in sealable bags
    • Discovering liquids spilled all over your items would be a bad start to your trip, contain these items in sealable bags
    • One of my favourites
  • Mesh bag for dirty laundry
    • A great Dollar store find and is a life saver for making unpacking easier when you get home
  • Tiny Tide packs for laundry
    • Depending on the length of your trip washing laundry in a sink may be required
    • I love little tide packs for washing undergarments and getting out stains


  • Pack comfortable shoes
    • Nothing is worse than having blisters on full days of walking
    • Go for comfort over heels when travelling
  • One pair of jeans maximum
    • Some people are against taking jeans but if you wear them often when you’re home chances are you’ll wear them when you’re away as well
  • Health / First aid kit
    • Always be prepared, it’ll help having products you know your body will react positively to incase of illness
  • Layers
    • Weather can be unpredictable and if changing climates, your internal temperature needs time to adapt, packing in layers gives you options for being comfortable no matter what temperature it is
  • Leave room in your bag
    • Often we like to pick up memorable items along our journey, don’t forget to leave room for these coming back
  • Packing List
    • If I’m bringing a lot of electronics or important items, I include my packing list in my luggage to ensure when packing up at my destination I haven’t left anything behind
  • Wear your heaviest / bulkiest clothes
    • On travel days wear your heaviest items/bring them in a carry on to cut down on checked baggage weight
  • Use empty containers to store valuables
    • Empty containers are an excellent spot to stash valuables and roll cash, people are least likely to suspect these and avoid attention from thieves


  • Bring a small cross bag
    • Backpacks are my favourite for carry ons but have a small cross body bag for stashing valuables
  • Invest in quality luggage
    • Broken wheels, busted zippers, snapped handles, etc. is a guaranteed buzz kill
    • My go-to luggage 

Do you have any packing tips?

~ L


**All these product were purchased on my own over the years and lasted the test of time. Not a sponsored post


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