It could be worse…

Hello sunshines and Happy Monday. Hope everyone found a reason to smile last week and today gives you another reason for find happiness. I had a busy weekend here catching up with friends over dinner, exploring Royal Ontario Museums Wildlife Exhibit, and slowly starting to organize things around the house. How was your weekend?

Commonly on Mondays it’s tough to get the day started. I had an early wake up call of 5:45 am to take my mom to work. Oh my rolling out of bed was not pleasant, I could of used a few more minutes of sleep. However I counted my blessing and thought in perspective – as much as I don’t want to wake up this early, my mom most likely was dreading heading into a cold quiet office before business hours. I’d be right back to a warm house shortly after leaving, this was all the motivation I needed to get up. I’m absolutely positive my mom didn’t want to go into the office as early as she was but does because she has to.


We are lucky each one of us doesn’t own all the problems in the world. There are many people in worse situations and truly struggle to survive each day. Next time you don’t want to do something, ask yourself if there are people somewhere around the world who would consider what you have to do a luxury? Dreading work – many unemployed people struggle to maintain steady income. Avoiding cooking – children are starving everyone, we’re fortunate to have an option to cook. It’s cold outside – we have layers to wear protecting us against the elements. Remember, it could be worse…



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