Learning to Snowboard

Happy Friday, we made it to the weekend! Last week I went snowboarding for the first time ever and learned many things along the way. Due to multiple head concussions as a young child I had to steer clear of many activities, including giving up my beloved gymnastics. Now as an adult I want to try as many activities as possible, even if it means learning with kids and falling on my butt.


Winter is usually a tough and draining season, however if you find activities and bundle up you’ll have fun.

**I filmed mini clips of our trip, but not much on the slopes, would you be interested if I made a video? Let me know in the comments below.

Before leaving I found a deal at Blue Mountain including a night stay, life ticket, rentals, and a newbie lesson. Rentals included: board, boots, bindings, and helmet; borrowed my sisters extra pair of goggles.

Next up is your gear to stay warm. Skiing and snowboarding is an expensive sport. For your first time, see if you can borrow or rent as much as possible incase this sport turns out not to be one you enjoy. After searching a few places I ended up at Skiis & Biikes based on recommendations from a friend who loves to ski. Luckily their boxing day sale was extended and found a pair of kids snow pants and gloves. For the basis of saving money, I swallowed pride and shopped their kids selection. Considering I would also be learning with kids, this was a fitting start haha.

Many resorts will also rent these items for additional fees; in the short-term renting saves money while you decide if this sport is for you. Remaining items listed below I either found around the house or borrowed.

Snowboarding Packing List:

  • Board and Bindings – Rented
  • Boots – Rented
  • Helmet – Rented
  • Goggles – Borrowed
  • Socks – Wore a thick wool pair
  • Gloves – Bought on sale
  • Hat / Balaclava – Borrowed
  • Snow pants – Bought on sale
  • Jacket – Found one at home
  • Base layer & Mid layer – Wore a pair of comfy pi’s with another layer of athletic clothes I already owned, no one will see so don’t worry about splurging for these

There is a possibility of too many layer, you’ll become hot easily and would advise a max of two layers under your coat and snow pants. One pair of thick socks will also keep you warm.

Once we arrived at the hill, suited up, and I was fitted for rentals we hit a newbie current. Broken up into four stages, we began learning how to bind our foot to the board, “skate” and general motions. To note both of the ladies I went with have snowboarded for a while but kindly stayed with me throughout the circuit. By the end we were on a tiny hill learning. Shout out to Blue Mountains instructors on the Newbie circuit who were excellent teachers and quite knowledgeable.

Yes I fell multiple times and took one huge tumble on my first attempt down the practice slope. Seeing your board flip over you and rolling down was scary but this is why you need a helmet to protect your head.

Riding a ski lift was not as scary as predicted but you do need to stay aware of safety procedures. Always ensure one foot is attached to your board and don’t ride alone until you’re experienced.


Expect you’ll need some breaks during the day to refuel and hydrate. There was an area to check your board (similar to coat check processes) for breaks. Boards could also be picked up from our accommodation and brought to the hill.

Ready to tackle the slopes again and hop on a board, who is with me?? I’d love to hear if you’ve tried skiing or snowboarding in the comments below.


Have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday.

~ L


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  1. I don’t even know how you manage to move with all those layers haha! Snowboarding sounds amazing though!


    1. Surprisingly the outer layers were quite large haha. Let me know if you try snowboarding!

      Liked by 1 person

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