Planning the Ultimate Weekend Getaway

Our holiday season is wrapping up and now is the time to start looking into going away.

Can’t take vacation time though? Don’t despair – a weekend getaway is the perfect solution to relax, renew, and recover from those crazy work weeks.

Grab a drink, message your group, and keep reading because I have the ultimate planning guide for your weekend getaway.

First up for consideration is budget. Knowing your budget is critical to creating a stress free break. No one wants to worry about money on a trip. Don’t forget to factor into the budget spending money for food, shopping, admission fees, cabs, buses, and tips.

Travelling in groups for a weekend can bring people together. Try to choose friends who get along – it will avoid any unnecessary drama.

Pick travel dates and select a destination. For weekend getaways opt for a closer destination to minimize travel time and maximize the fun.



So now with the location, dates, and people to travel with decided; next up create bucket lists for: “must-see”, “must-eat”, and “must-experience”. Ask each person to provide ideas and ensure at least one item from everyone’s list is included. This will help ensure everyone can experience something they wanted and helps maintain group harmony.

Selecting accommodations should take into account the “bucket-list” items. There are a variety of accommodations to choose from other than hotels: consider renting a house, camping, or staying in a hostel, if budgets are tight. Centrally located accommodations will also save in travel time and helps that all important budget!

Distance and cost will be factors in selecting transportation options: whether it is by plane, car, bus, train, or boat. When booking flights consider direct non-stop flights – while more expensive saves the hassle of worrying about making a connection or ensuring your luggage arrives, not to mention cuts down on that ever-important travel time. When you are on a weekend getaway every moment is precious!

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Once all the main details are figured out, here are some other helpful travel and packing tips that:

  • Pack light – I can admit I am someone who always likes to be prepared and have a tendency to pack for every possibility. One way to cut down is plan outfits ahead of time based on your activities. Bring versatile pieces, which can transition from day to night and don’t forget a comfortable pair of shoes for walking and heels for night!
  • Bring snacks – Especially when traveling a light snack helps to bring up energy levels and keep people from being “hangry” will improve everyone’s experience. Nuts, bars, crackers, popcorn, and of course chocolate all store well.
  • Plastic bags/containers – Most of us have gone to open our luggage or bag to discover a container leaked! Sealable plastic bags are a life saver, highly recommend tossing a few onto your packing list.

Trips are meant to be a break away from everyday life and creating new memories. Remember not to stress when things don’t go as planned; snap some pictures, laugh the situation off, and most importantly enjoy the adventure and have fun!


As always we’d love to hear from you! Comment below on some of your favourite travel spots or dream weekend vacation destinations.

See you next tomorrow,






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