Ariel Yoga

Changing up fitness routines helps me stick to it fairly well. Right now I like to switch it up between my own gym workout, gym classes, non heated yoga class, & ariel yoga.

Growing up as a competitive dancer one of my favourite styles to compete in was acrobatics. Incorporating tumbling, balancing, and dancing it was no wonder when I discovered practicing yoga in silks, it quickly became a new favourite.

Silks hold a lot of weight – hanging out in silks can be scary at first. As long as the studio your at has properly installed and secured equipment you’ll be safe.

Increases your flexibility – as with other yoga practices, ariel yoga is an excellent way to stretch and increase your flexibility.

Hanging upside-down – have you ever seen cool poses and wished you could do them to? Silks allow you to stretch further and works with your body. Be prepared the first few times it will feel awkward if you’re not use to some of the stretches.

Bring your friends along – one of my best friends goes regularly and I’ve started to go with her on Saturday mornings every few weeks. Starting your weekend off by getting out of the house and exercising makes me feel empowered to be productive the rest of the weekend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday!

~ L


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