Spotlight: Sunjay Nath

In the summer I attended a conference where Sunjay Nath was one of our Key Note speakers. It’s always impressive when a speaker holds an audiences attention for a whole hour without loosing the audience’s attention. Utilizing stories, humor, and graphics to deliver his speech, Sunjay most easily is one of the best speakers I have heard.

Our discussion was based on his 10-80-10 Rule. Last week I discussed the 80–20 rule in regards to finances, his rule breaks it down into an action plan. Not to give too much away (he has a book & program available for purchase), his program is excellent for students, business professionals, organizations, or individuals looking for improve efficiency.

Honestly speaking, Sunjays “Teekly Wip” – aka weekly email, is one I enjoy reading each week. Precise and thought provoking, these are a must read when scanning your inbox.

Who are your favourite motivational speakers?

See you tomorrow for Fit Fridays,



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