Ways to Relax

Fortunately enough to have one Grandfather alive, I make a point to listen to his advice and take to heart what he shares. Shhh, this might mean I’ve listened to him over others, but that’s our secret!

My favourite piece of advice sadly came at a time after he suffered his third heart attack. According to Doctors orders he was to slow down his actions but keep him mind occupied. Grandpa is a strong preacher of using this method to stay healthy. When your tired it’s a sign your body needs a break but your mind is still operating at full force. When your muscles need breaks there are a lot of activities you can do to keep the mind occupied. I’m trying to get better with turning to the below list when I need a break versus scrolling my phone for new updates. (My New Years Resolution was to cut down, truthfully it’s not being followed very well.)

Fun activities when you need a break:

  • Read a book, newspaper, or magazine
  • Assemble a puzzle
  • Colour a picture
  • Watch a mystery, documentary, or something that makes you think
  • Wooden puzzle games
  • Crosswords, word searches, or Sudoku
  • Count backwards
  • Write a Journal or Diary
  • Listen to music or podcast
  • Play a board game or plan a gathering with friends

These are some of my favourite ways to unwind when I’m physically tired but not in need of sleep! What are some of your favourite ways to relax?

See you tomorrow,




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