Money Saving Hacks While Traveling

Traveling, no matter how short or long you go for, can be a wonderful escape. A common theme I’ve found over all trips are how quickly costs add up. To help save some money along the way here some hacks I’ve learned.

Before you go:

  • In my experience flights are cheapest on Tuesdays at midnight
  • Clear computer browsing history and cookies before booking
  • If you’re a member of any groups or associations additional savings may be available, even some professions are included
  • Bundle flights, accommodation, attractions, and transportation, if possible
  • Book online in advance
  • Up to X amount of days before arrival some places will price match if there is a sale between the time of making a reservation and arriving
  • A travel company may offer a discount to returning customers
  • Public transportation isn’t always the cheapest method traveling to and from locations, check pricing for all transportation options your destination offers

While you’re there:

  • Book an accommodation with the ability to cook
  • Bring a refillable water bottle
  • Stock up on snacks at the nearest grocery store / supermarket
  • Ask hotels if there are any connections with local businesses
  • Try to book your hotel/overnight venue near attractions

After your trip:

  • Check if there are surveys offered for additional discounts on next stays
  • Watch emails with promo codes
  • Businesses love referrals, some offer programs to save you and your family/friends money as well

Do you have any other tips? I’d love to hear for all of you!

See you tomorrow,



Photo: Blue Mountain Resorts – Next Week I’ll tell you about my adventures trying snowboarding yesterday for the first time!


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