Surviving Flights

“Explore the world while you’re young and unattached” many other adults have shared. Hearing “unattached” always make me laugh. Traveling can be enjoyable after arriving at your destination but in between travel time can be stressful.

Here are some tips I’ve learned of how to survive flying:

  • Planes are cold – bring a pillow & layers
    • Usually I carry at least a scarf on flights, however was glad I also brought a blanket for long haul flight
  • Pack a change of clothes and toiletries to freshen up on layovers
    • Especially traveling to and from different climates, it’s nice to change and wash up
  • Prepare for Jet leg
    • Recently traveling to Australia my total travel time was 38 hours with three flights. To make for an easier adjustment in time zones I tried to sleep on the long flight, then forced myself to stay awake during my last leg of travel including a seven hour layover
    • Coming home was way worse than expected to deal with jet leg, I could write a whole post on it. What are your thoughts?
  • Walk around and stretch before boarding
    • When traveling with my friends they always laugh and try to sneak snapchats of me stretching at the gate. On my second flight of 14 and a half hours traveling to Australia I sat in a window seat. Both ladies sitting beside me had not both been awake until 10 hours into the flight. Trying to be a kind seatmate I didn’t want to wake them on a red eye but needed to stand up and use the washroom. On my way home we had quite a lot of turbulence coming back into Canada with a snowstorm leading way to the seat belt sign remaining on majority of the way. Thankful to of stretched and walked around prior to boarding.
  • Pack an empty water bottle, travel mug, and food storage container
    • Water bottles are expensive past security and in an effort to save money until my destination I like to pack an empty Brita water bottle. In addition this time bought a coffee and transferred it to a Contigo travel mug and drank it in flight to help adjust to a new time zone. Hot drinks purchased in a disposable cup will spill and it was nice to shove it in my bag without worrying about leaking. Same goes with food and bringing a storage container – Ziploc twistables are my favourite. On my last day of travels, if it’s a flight under six hours, I pack food from wherever I am to have on the flight. Check your airport security website to verify which foods are allowed. If I haven’t eaten all my food, then I do toss it out before customs, to comply with Government Regulations.
    • Laughing is an excellent remedy. Always joke about needing a last minute Wal-Mart run and went out to purchase more containers two hours prior to leaving for the airport. These have become staples for me!
  • Anti bacterial wipes
    • Traveling is a breading ground for germs and illness. Lysol travel wipes are compact and handy
  • Charge tablets, phones, computers, e-readers, or any other devices loaded with activities
    • Newer aircrafts will have USB charging ports for smaller devices. If traveling to different countries check before hand if you’ll need travel adaptors and power converters.
  • Bring a non electronic activity – paper book, word searches, cross words, adult colouring books, etc.
    • There is a chance of devices dying and a non electronic device gives our eyes need a break from screens
  • Bring socks
    • No one bare feet, so please keep your socks on
  • Steer clear of watching the map
    • As tempting as it may seem, this could be discouraging to yourself and fellow travellers around you.

Thanks for reading and see you back tomorrow,






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