Laundry…we meet again

Have you ever taken laundry out of the dryer, plopped it on your bed, & genuinely told yourself every item will be folded prior to crawling into bed that night? Well I can admit I’ve slept with unfolded laundry on my bed for a night, possibly two on multiple occasions…no ones perfect!

*Story time: Once at a bar struck up an hour-long conversation with a guy discussing his use of a “fluff & fold” business to avoid folding laundry himself. Discovered that night how passionate some people are over the exact way their boxers are folded. It’s a wonder how I ever landed a boyfriend with these conversation starters!

After two nights in a row, enough was enough, leaving laundry on my bed was stemming from nothing other than procrastination and I needed more space to sleep in. In an effect to force myself to stay on top of the ever-growing pile of laundry decided it would be a wise idea to trick myself into believing folding laundry is fun! Haha oh my, was this no easy task, mind over matter – right? To occupy my mind I turned to a few distractions for help.

Play Music – listening to music can really lift ones spirits and put you into a happy mood. Next time you’re feeling down, play a song and belt out with your awesome singing!

Podcasts – covering a wide range of topics podcasts are an excellent way to gain knowledge, motivation, and entertainment.

YouTube – almost anything you could want to watch is on YouTube. Since videos differ in length, perfect for any size load of laundry you have to fold and put away.

Netflix’s – catch up on shows and movies

Multitasking is a great way to get stuff done and feel accomplished. Another way to make mornings easier on yourself is to layout your outfits for the week as your folding laundry. This way it’s fewer clothes to put away, helps stay organized for the week, and saves a few minutes every morning – score!

If you have ever left laundry on your bed, give a shout below in the comments. I’d love to hear from you – welcome to the club of learning how to crack adulthood.

Happy laundry day,




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